A vision for Brighouse, by Brighouse: Business urged to say ‘yes’ to bid to let town take more control over its future

Brighouse has a bright future in charge of its own destiny if businesses vote yes to plans to introduce a Business Improvement District (BID) in the town.

That was the message delivered by business leaders who have developed proposals to introduce a BID which were outlined at a launch event on Thursday (20 September). If there is a ‘yes’ vote, it would mean more decisions about the town would be made in the town by the town’s businesses.

The vision for the Brighouse BID, determined after extensive research, is to ‘create a destination town with a strong and sustainable future which is vibrant, lively and welcoming where businesses, shoppers and visitors feel safe and secure’.

To achieve this, three objectives have been set through which the programme of investment will be focused and delivered:

  • A SAFE & SECURE TOWN – providing support for businesses and reassurance for visitors that Brighouse is a town where you will be well looked after 
  • A VIBRANT, LIVELY & WELCOMING TOWN – supporting a Brighouse that can be proud of its history and character, accessible for all and optimistic about its future 
  • A DESTINATION TOWN – with events that benefit every Brighouse business, attract new visitors and encourage them to return, shop and spend

The BID’s budget of £120,000 per year would come from a levy of 1.75 per cent of rateable value on businesses within the BID boundary who have a rateable value of £2,000 or above.

For over 60 per cent of businesses, this means an investment in Brighouse of £175 or less per year, a daily cost of less than a second class stamp.

A 28-day long vote where businesses within the BID boundary will be able to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the proposal is getting underway. Ballot papers will be posted along with a prospectus for the BID directly to all eligible to vote. The result will be known by Friday 26th October.

In order for the green light to be given, over half of business ratepayers who vote have to say ‘yes’ and those in favour also have to represent more than half of the combined rateable values of those who vote.

If businesses vote ‘yes’, the BID would come into operation on 1 April 2019.

Euan Noble, from Brighouse’s iconic attraction Rokt, has helped develop the proposals and is backing the BID. He said:

“This is a crucial moment for our town. A ‘yes’ vote would ensure the investment into the town, both through money spent, people attracted and a wider perception of a town on the up, can continue.

“We have identified the priorities of businesses by working with businesses and we now hope businesses will back our plans and recognise that a small investment by them can make a big difference to our town.

“We believe it presents excellent value for money and is a chance for Brighouse’s destiny and decisions to be increasingly made in Brighouse, by Brighouse, for Brighouse.”

Lesley Adams, Chair of the Brighouse BID Steering Group, added:

“We recognise that Brighouse is made up of groups of different sorts of businesses, who all have different focuses and different aims. But what makes Brighouse special is diversity coupled with desire – to improve our town for those who live in and around Brighouse, those who own and run businesses across Brighouse and those who visit to shop, see and spend throughout Brighouse.

“The Business Improvement District would deliver support to achieve all those aims. I hope my fellow businessmen and women will vote ‘yes’ this autumn.”

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