A vision for Brighouse, by Brighouse: Business urged to say ‘yes’ to bid to let town take more control over its future

Brighouse has a bright future in charge of its own destiny if businesses vote yes to plans to introduce a Business Improvement District (BID) in the town.

That was the message delivered by business leaders who have developed proposals to introduce a BID which were outlined at a launch event on Thursday (20 September). If there is a ‘yes’ vote, it would mean more decisions about the town would be made in the town by the town’s businesses.

The vision for the Brighouse BID, determined after extensive research, is to ‘create a destination town with a strong and sustainable future which is vibrant, lively and welcoming where businesses, shoppers and visitors feel safe and secure’.

To achieve this, three objectives have been set through which the programme of investment will be focused and delivered:

  • A SAFE & SECURE TOWN – providing support for businesses and reassurance for visitors that Brighouse is a town where you will be well looked after 
  • A VIBRANT, LIVELY & WELCOMING TOWN – supporting a Brighouse that can be proud of its history and character, accessible for all and optimistic about its future 
  • A DESTINATION TOWN – with events that benefit every Brighouse business, attract new visitors and encourage them to return, shop and spend

The BID’s budget of £120,000 per year would come from a levy of 1.75 per cent of rateable value on businesses within the BID boundary who have a rateable value of £2,000 or above.

For over 60 per cent of businesses, this means an investment in Brighouse of £175 or less per year, a daily cost of less than a second class stamp.

A 28-day long vote where businesses within the BID boundary will be able to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the proposal is getting underway. Ballot papers will be posted along with a prospectus for the BID directly to all eligible to vote. The result will be known by Friday 26th October.

In order for the green light to be given, over half of business ratepayers who vote have to say ‘yes’ and those in favour also have to represent more than half of the combined rateable values of those who vote.

If businesses vote ‘yes’, the BID would come into operation on 1 April 2019.

Euan Noble, from Brighouse’s iconic attraction Rokt, has helped develop the proposals and is backing the BID. He said:

“This is a crucial moment for our town. A ‘yes’ vote would ensure the investment into the town, both through money spent, people attracted and a wider perception of a town on the up, can continue.

“We have identified the priorities of businesses by working with businesses and we now hope businesses will back our plans and recognise that a small investment by them can make a big difference to our town.

“We believe it presents excellent value for money and is a chance for Brighouse’s destiny and decisions to be increasingly made in Brighouse, by Brighouse, for Brighouse.”

Lesley Adams, Chair of the Brighouse BID Steering Group, added:

“We recognise that Brighouse is made up of groups of different sorts of businesses, who all have different focuses and different aims. But what makes Brighouse special is diversity coupled with desire – to improve our town for those who live in and around Brighouse, those who own and run businesses across Brighouse and those who visit to shop, see and spend throughout Brighouse.

“The Business Improvement District would deliver support to achieve all those aims. I hope my fellow businessmen and women will vote ‘yes’ this autumn.”

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Brighouse businesses invited to launch of Business Improvement District proposal ahead of ‘crucial’ vote

Businesses across Brighouse are being invited to the launch of proposals for a Business Improvement District (BID) for the town centre.

The launch, which will see the five-year plan for the BID outlined, will take place from 5.30pm on Thursday, 20 September, at Villain Bar on Commercial Street in Brighouse town centre.

Businesses across the town, particularly those within the BID boundary, are being encouraged to hear about the results of the survey of businesses, the vision for the project that has been developed from the priorities identified and plans of how they will be achieved.

These will be set out in a full proposal and business plan to be launched on the evening. A short version of this will be delivered to every business with a vote in the town centre in the coming weeks.

Following the launch, ballot papers will be sent to eligible businesses in Brighouse town centre for them to vote on the proposal. The ballot period lasts for 28 days and the result will be known by Friday 26th October. Should the result be positive then the Business Improvement District will commence operations from April 2019.

The BID Steering Group, made up of business leaders from the town, will set out why they believe a yes vote is vital for the town.

Steering Group Chair Lesley Adams said:

“The proposal and business plan we will put forward for the Brighouse Business Improvement District has been thoroughly researched and tested in recent months with an extensive programme of surveys, individual meetings, workshops and forums which provided opportunities for businesses to identify the key challenges they face, the priorities and the potential solutions.

“There have been robust but positive conversations, and all of those discussions influence the proposal which we will outline at the launch. I hope as many businesses as possible will come and hear about the plans, objectives and vision for the town. From parking and public transport to the safety and security of both shoppers and business owners, this is a crucial moment to address crucial issues for our town.”

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Brighouse businesses urged not to miss out on chance to have say on future of town

The deadline is fast approaching for Brighouse businesses to have their say on proposals to develop a Business Improvement District (BID) for the town – and they’re being encouraged to make their voice heard.

The BID Steering Group are urging all town centre businesses to give their views and return the surveys which have been delivered in the past few weeks. The responses will help form the business plan for the BID which will then be voted on later in the year.

A number of key issues have been raised in the survey so far – including the need to promote and market Brighouse better in the future, the desire for an improved, business-led crime prevention scheme and the importance of improving access to the town centre, whether by car or public transport.

The survey has also been asking about the boundaries of the District. The current view is that the focus should be the town centre itself rather than the industrial areas on the outskirts of the town, but the Steering Group, who are being supported in their BID development by Calderdale Council, would welcome more input before a final decision is taken next month.

The deadline for surveys to be returned is Friday 18 May and businesses can complete it online at www.brighousebid.co.uk

After the survey, workshops will take place in June when businesses will have a chance to hear more of the feedback from the survey and influence the direction of the business plan.

Euan Noble from Rokt in Brighouse is one of the business leaders on the Steering Group. He said:

“This is an exciting opportunity for Brighouse businesses to directly influence the future direction of Brighouse town centre. We need as many of them to get involved in the process and have their say so we can build a business plan that truly takes the town to new heights.”

Successful first meeting for Brighouse Business Improvement District

A meeting was held for Brighouse town centre businesses at Prego Restaurant in the town on Wednesday 8 November to discuss a business improvement district and whether that model should be developed in Brighouse.

Proposed by The Brighouse Business Initiative, working with other local traders, initial development of a Business Improvement District (BID) is now underway and over the next few weeks businesses in the town centre will be consulted about what changes would benefit them in Brighouse town centre.

This event gave all the businesses a chance to hear about what a BID is, why the Brighouse Business Initiative is proposing a BID, and to give some examples of what other BIDs have delivered for their town centres.

A BID is a defined geographical area within which businesses put forward ideas to improve trading conditions, funded by a small levy (typically between 1% and 2%) based on rateable value. These ideas will be developed into a business plan which is then voted on by potential levy payers in the BID area. BID funds are ring-fenced to provide the improvements agreed in the plan. This ensures a sustainable and democratic way of businesses having input as to how their money is spent.

A varied and wide range of businesses attended the event including independent retailers, multi-national retailers, restaurateurs and landlords, alongside those representing professional service industries such as accountancy and law firms.

Those present heard presentations from Anne Colley of the Brighouse Business Initiative, Steven Lord from Arts for Brighouse and from Calderdale Council.

Anne Colley, Chair of the Brighouse Business Initiative, said:

“A Business Improvement District presents a great opportunity for businesses to shape the future of our town centre.  We think that all the town’s different sectors and our long-standing business community will see the benefit of a BID, because this project is simply ‘by business for business.”

Calderdale Council is supportive of this business led initiative and will help to fund the consultation phase of the process.

Cllr Barry Collins, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development, said:

“A successful Business Improvement District can drive improvements to a town centre, giving businesses a collective voice in how their money is spent.

“Becoming a BID would help to future-proof Brighouse town centre, providing investment opportunities to improve the environment and encouraging visitors to the town.”

Launch Event

As a business in Brighouse town centre, you are invited to a brief presentation and discussion about a Business Improvement District (BID) for Brighouse.

To find out how you and your business will be able to contribute to this exciting project, we are holding an evening event, on Wednesday 8th November at Prego, 5.45pm for a prompt 6pm start. 

A well-managed BID ensures that the businesses within the BID area have a direct influence over the trading environment in the town. They then vote on a business plan and agree to invest in the delivery of activities which directly impact upon their business.

As this affects you and your business we need as many business owners as possible to get involved, shape the plan and identify what is important to businesses here.

This is an important opportunity so please come along and find out more.

Yours faithfully

The Steering Group
Brighouse BID