Our Vision

To create a destination town with a strong and sustainable future which is vibrant, lively and welcoming where businesses, shoppers and visitors feel safe and secure.

From the Chair of the Brighouse BID Steering Group

Brighouse has enjoyed success in recent years with a programme of events – from street markets to festivals to themed-weekends – which bring in more visitors to shop and spend.

Much has been achieved. But there is much more to do. While Brighouse has been put on the map around the region, we need to make the success we have had sustainable and ensure that every business in every part of our town centre benefits from improvements in the future.

Having consulted with fellow Brighouse business and shop owners, we have decided that the Business Improvement District (BID) model is the right one for Brighouse and now is the right time to move forward and ask for your support.

This proposal and business plan has been thoroughly researched and tested in recent months with an extensive programme of surveys, individual meetings, workshops and forums which provided opportunities for businesses to identify the key challenges they face, the priorities and the potential solutions.

There have been robust but positive conversations, and all of those discussions influence this proposal. We hope we have reflected your views and your priorities in this document – from parking and public transport to the safety and security of both shoppers and business owners.

We believe that businesses across Brighouse have received the benefits of the work of volunteers in recent years and there is a danger that there is an assumption that these efforts will continue indefinitely. Our message is clear – they won’t and we need to take action to ensure the benefits they bring are locked in for our town.

It is important to be clear. If the decision is made to say no to a Business Improvement District, the work of the business owners who put in their own time and effort to bring the street markets and festivals to the town will stop. Businesses will have made a decision that they do not wish this focus to continue. That is their right, but we want to be clear that will be the outcome of a ‘no’ vote.

A ‘yes’ vote however will ensure the investment into the town, both through money spent, people attracted and a wider perception of a town on the up, can continue. These events will be organised and managed by the BID who will work to ensure the whole town – no matter what type of business or what location – benefits.

This business plan is realistic. It has realistic but important targets on safety and security, accessibility and parking and event planning and management, at a realistic cost. We believe it presents excellent value for money and is a chance for Brighouse’s destiny and decisions to be increasingly made in Brighouse, by Brighouse, for Brighouse. Please review the proposal carefully, and I hope you will give it your full support in the BID vote in October.

Lesley Adams
Chair of the Brighouse BID Steering Group
Owner, Simply Flowers